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Heraclion Restaurants - What's Hot?
Cooking is art... Cooking makes you dream... Each recipe is a separate trip. Sushi, the Japanese traditional food, has conquered the whole world...
“7 Thalasses” means traditional seafood, fresh Greek products, creation of high-quality recipes with Mediterranean influences. This cozy fish resto
Located in the heart of the city of Heraklion, Loukoulos restaurant is continuously stealing its visitors' hearts, proving its reputation of class...
On Street 1866, the most picturesque part of Heraklion, where the central market is placed, you will find 50–50 restaurant for the delight of the hungry...
Staff Picks - Restaurants
Avli (Rethymnon - Old City) More Details
Parasties (Heraklion - Downtown) More Details
Bakaliko (Heraklion - Surrounding Area) More Details
VETRI Restaurant (Heraklion - Downtown) More Details
Via Pastarella  (Heraklion - Downtown) More Details
Brillant Gourmet Restaurant (Heraklion - Downtown) More Details
Thalassinos Kosmos (Sea World) (Heraklion - Waterfront) More Details
New Restaurant Arrivals
Othonas (Rethymnon - Old City) More Details
Corina Restaurant (Rethymnon - Old City) More Details
ALANA (Rethymnon - Old City) More Details
Amalias Kitchen (Heraklion - Downtown) More Details
Pelagos (Agios Nikolaos) More Details
Karnagio & Pita tou Riga (Agios Nikolaos) More Details
Portes (Chania - Palia Poli) More Details

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