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restaurant is offering its clients dishes based on the

Greek (Cretan) Cuisine

in a Classic environment. Furthermore,

Merastri restaurant

is offering its clients a very nice environment along with

support. Finally, for people around

Merastri Heraklion - Downtown

or even

Merastri Heraklion - Crete

it will definatelly be worth visiting for a quick snack or so.

The area of Heraklion is the area of vineyards, mountains, a landscape reminiscent of Tuscany. Adjacent to the vineyards and over the ridges of the Cretan mountains, grow the tastiest sheep and goats of the territory. The sheep here is worshiped as a god, who experiences the supreme glory when baked in the oven with huge Cretan potatoes to get all the sweetness of the liquid, or when quartered and baked above low spits around the fire. And the menu of local specialties continues with delicious fresh cheese pies with honey or plain, and other Cretan goat cheeses and stack (butter from sheep's milk).In the countryside life goes from table to dinner parties and from there to the next feast. But in the cities and tourist areas, the taste is not something obvious. Merastri restaurant is one of the few places that honour the letter of tradition, offering delicious traditional dishes at a very beautiful and romantic neoclassical building.You must taste the handmade pasta cooked in lamb broth and served with dry ricotta, the homemade bread, the Cretan olives, the salads essentially consisting of herbs and vegetables of mountainous Crete, the Anogian’s Apaki, the great variety of Cretan cheeses, the pork with celery, the boiled traditional lamb with rice (served at Cretan weddings), the omelette with wild herbs and vegetables of Crete, the traditional cheese pies (savoury or sweet), the homemade noodles and the lamb with potatoes baked in the oven. All materials are local, top quality. All flavours awakes memories and give off a sense of authenticity. The Merastri restaurant invites all those people who know and appreciate the authentic flavour for a unique culinary journey…

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Greek (Cretan), Greek
Restaurant Type
Classic, Family
Cretan and Greek
Opening Hours
Monday-Saturday: 20:00-01:00
Average Price
15€ - 25€
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Cash, Invoice,   Visa,   Mastercard

Al Fresco
Large Groups
Round Table
Wine List ( 60)
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* Με την επιφύλαξη κάθε δικαιώματος απαγορεύεται η αναπαραγωγή, αναδημοσίευση κειμένων ή φωτογραφικού υλικού από ηλεκτρονικά μέσα ή άλλα μέσα ενημέρωσης χωρίς την έγγραφη άδεια του