Ta Nisia
Proksenou Koromila 13, 54622, Map, Thessaloniki - Downtown, 211 7909399 Reservations
εστιατόριο-Ta Nisia-φωτογραφία
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Ta Nisia

restaurant is offering its clients dishes based on the

Fish (Fresh) Cuisine

in a Warm environment. Furthermore,

Ta Nisia restaurant

is offering its clients a very nice environment along with

support. Finally, for people around

Ta Nisia Thessaloniki - Downtown

or even

Ta Nisia Thessaloniki

it will definatelly be worth visiting for a quick snack or so.
Chef: Giannis Alexiou

Ta Nisia restaurant (meaning The islands in Greek) fascinate food lovers for over 30 years now. The recent renovation has transformed the restaurant bringing us to Aegean Islands colours and scents from the Mediterranean. Owner and Chef John Alexiou creates dishes from typical local species, with the purest ingredients, spices and herbs.
Recipes inspired by the variety of (local) Greek cuisine and the wider Mediterranean area. Drink your ouzo with marinated anchovies and lakerda (home made), tender grape leaves with rice (dolmadakia), fresh fish, and the famous soup of Nisia Restaurant. Do not miss Shrimp Hilia Nisia (Thousand islands), artichokes with saffron, veal with mashed eggplant hounkiar and the daily special.
Many special dishes and fresh salads await you, all of the same quality standards of Nisia restaurant...

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Fish (Fresh), Mediterranean, Greek
Restaurant Type
Sea Food Restaurant, Restaurant
Warm, Relaxed
Soft Contemporary Greek
Opening Hours
Monday-Saturday 12.00 - 00.45, Sunday.12.00 - 18.00
Average Price
15€ - 30€
Payment Methods
Cash, Invoice,   Visa,   Mastercard

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Round Table
Chef's Table
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