Altamira - Kolonaki
Tsakalof 36, 10673, Map, Kolonaki, tel. Κρατήσεις 211 8008801
εστιατόριο-Altamira - Kolonaki-φωτογραφία
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Altamira - Kolonaki

restaurant is offering its clients dishes based on the

Multi Ethnic Cuisine

in a Classic environment. Furthermore,

Altamira - Kolonaki restaurant

is offering its clients a very nice environment along with

support. Finally, for people around

Altamira - Kolonaki Kolonaki

or even

Altamira - Kolonaki Athens - Downtown

it will definatelly be worth visiting for a quick snack or so.

In the very centre of Athens (Kolonaki area) you will find one of the most busiest and cosmopolitan restaurants in Athens, Altamira. Dinners here have the opportunity to make a trip to distant corners of the world flavours. It is the successful sister restaurant of Altamira in Maroussi.

It operates on a two-floors neoclassical building in four different rooms. Each one has its own color and travels us to a distant corner of the globe such as Mexico, India, Lebanon and the Far East. Start your diner with a cool Cocktails such as mojito or margarita. Try the Korean spicy salad with bean threads, vegetables, meat and mushroom sauce or seafood cooked with traditional Philadelphia cream. Then take yourself to India and try curry with mango or coconut .... and of course basmati rice. But if you go to Mexico then you try and tsorizo ​​nachos with eggs and melted yellow cheese in a clay pot. For the end try Cheese Cake Kiounefe which is an excellent choice. Finally, we recommend Altamira for a casual business lunch or a romantic dinner. Thinking of anything better;

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Multi Ethnic
Restaurant Type
Bar Restaurant, Restaurant
Classic, Atmospheric, Romantic, Ethnic
Opening Hours
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Average Price
20€ - 35€
Payment Methods
Cash, Invoice,   Visa,   Mastercard

Large Groups
Round Table
Wine List ( 30)
Take Out
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* Με την επιφύλαξη κάθε δικαιώματος απαγορεύεται η αναπαραγωγή, αναδημοσίευση κειμένων ή φωτογραφικού υλικού από ηλεκτρονικά μέσα ή άλλα μέσα ενημέρωσης χωρίς την έγγραφη άδεια του